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About Us

We provide support to small to medium sized law firms. We do this by implementing highly effective practices driven by technology. Essentially, by removing routine tasks and back office functions we empower the people within law, enabling them to be more creative and core focused. Our clientele are forward thinking law firms.

The foundations on which we deliver and implement our services gives rise to our 'X' factor. Technology has guided us and our dependence on it has seen us evolve to what we are today. We want start-ups to excel, to grow and expand. We're all about the future of law firms and collaborating with those that want to make it happen, now. We see ourselves as the shiny new tool all law firms need.

Integration is a key element to our design and operations. 

Above all, we strive to allow firms to adapt and grow. Our business structure enables us to work with a single practising lawyer to a large international law firm. With LPO EZY, change is simple.

What differentiates LPO EZY outsourcing:

  • - We have a team of motivated personnel working.
  • - Technology. Processes. Implementation. LPO and BPO is in our blood.
  • - We believe we are only as good as our last project.
  • - From strategy, implementation, upgrade to ongoing management and support.
  • - Our aim is for clients to enjoy working with LPO Ezy and to help businesses acheive their goals.
  • - Our operations, systems and processes define our success.

Established 2009 for Australian law firms and now providing a range of support services