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“No firm is immune – whether your goal is to maintain or improve profitability, or to deliver better quality and more cost effective services to your clients as they demand “more for less”. LPO offers opportunity to those who understand and embrace it – or poses a threat to those that ignore it.”

- The World Masters of Law Firm Management- Legal Outsourcing seminar, Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney on 11 Oct 2012

From start-ups to established law firms the advantages of adopting technology and better, more efficient business models are the creative forces driving law firms into the future. Outsourcing is an element, made possible by technology, that has injected more efficiency and effectiveness in Australian firms, as well as around the world. The scope of what was possible has now expanded, enabling cutting edge law firms to operate online and from anywhere on the planet, forging intellect and resources into one direct line. In turn, clients have been given options, and empowered. This has also generated a larger client base, allowing start-ups to attract the more tech savvy and 'new school' clientele.

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